Sheffield Hallam design student furniture goes into production

Connections Furniture Project UPDATE – 2nd Year Chris Page has had his live design proposal for a low slung cafe lounger taken on by Connection Furniture. Chris researched into environments where cafes exist outside of the everyday high street situation. One of his observations was that with the advent of learning centres and other mixed use spaces students are increasingly being allowed to mix coffee drinking with library browsing, socializing with working. Chris has designed an upholstered laid back chair that allows for a number of different sitting positions to be taken up. Chris will now work with Connections to detail for production his design response. Congratulations to Chris.


Sheffield Hallam Graduate

I am pleased to feature 2011 furniture & product graduate Adam Senior on my blog. To view his website click HERE. On his site are a number of press article that will give you a good overview of his major final year project, however in short:

The ergo stool and table was designed to cater for a changing world of work. With trends towards developing personal technologies and the ‘on-the move’ work ethos, these products offer an aesthetically stimulating and fluid working solution for both domestic and commercial spaces.

In use