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Acorn House is hailed as "London's first truly eco-friendly training restaurant, set to alter the image of the restaurant industry as well as transform the way in which people eat out"

With fresh seasonal menus, a dedication to healthy eating, environmental responsibility and a premium, glamorous appeal, this revolutionary and pioneering new concept is said to offer King's Cross residents, businesses and visitors a unique destination dining experience.

"Our food is centred around the key elements of health, training, community and environment. We hope that Acorn House will be a pioneering force in new restaurant management, which will benefit both the local population and those further afield. The restaurant industry needs to change and Acorn House aims to take one small step towards creating a city capable of sustaining itself. By sharing our beliefs with a young, local workforce, we are hoping to spread that message far and wide. The food at Acorn House proves that you can be environmentally responsible – and still eat exceptionally well,"      co-founder Arthus Potts.

Watch the video below to hear more.

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