The Story of Solutions

The Story of Solutions

The Story of Solutions explores how we can move our economy in a more sustainable and just direction, starting with orienting ourselves toward a new goal of Better.

Over the coming year, we’ll be highlighting and supporting game-changing solutions that get us on the path to Better. And we’ll be looking to you for examples from where you live.


In The Bubble

The MA Design students (Sheffield Hallam University) are working on a cross disciplinary project called – Sustainable design (thinking & practice). Whilst this project is running I have decided to re-read the book ‘In the Bubble, Designing in a Complex World’ by John Thackara and have been reminded just what a wonderful book it is. For all of you 1st year SHU MA Design and M.Des students this book is a must read. If you want to access an online copy of the book click here


Is Sustainability the Mother of Invention? thought provoking article on sustainability in fashion/apparel design however I disagree with the Harvard Business Review calling sustainability an emerging ‘mega trend’. Mega trend has all the hallmarks of something that will go away, be superseded. Using phrases like mega trend is both dangerous and irresponsible – come on HBR you can do better than this.

nau :: principles of design from nau on Vimeo.

10:10 (for NZ)

WHAT IS 10:10?

'10:10 is an ambitious project to unite every sector of British society behind one simple idea: that by working together we can achieve a 10% cut in the UK’s carbon emissions in 2010' Okay, so this is a UK initiative and one which is directed at the UK population but if you want to do the same here in NZ log onto the website and see the tips and challenges and then mirror them in your daily life. Pass the idea onto a friend, a work colleague and the rest of your family and see what you can achieve by June 2010.


Why bother jumping out of the way of a speeding car? Why bother removing a burst appendix?

Cutting 10% in one year is a bold target, but for most of us it’s an achievable one, and is in line with what scientists say we need over the next 18 months. We now know for certain that unless we act quickly to reduce our use of dirty fossil fuels, humanity will face terrible problems in the years to come. Politicians have so far failed to do what needs to be done, so it’s time for ordinary people to step in and show that we’re ready to defend our children’s futures. It’s now or never for the climate.

By signing up to a 10% target we’re not just supporting 10:10 – we’re making it happen. In our homes, in our workplaces, our schools and our hospitals, our galleries and football clubs and universities, we’ll be backing each other up as we take the first steps on the road to becoming a zero-carbon society. It’s easy to feel powerless in the face of a huge problem like climate change, but by uniting everyone behind immediate, effective and achievable action, 10:10 enables all of us to make a meaningful difference.

10:10 is the perfect opportunity to discover what’s possible when we work together. Let’s get started.

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