Your reflections on Talks by Chamberlin or Barber

Due to a faculty meeting many of the design staff were unable to attend the talk by Scott Chamberin. I for one was looking forward to attending.
As for the talk by Edward Barber – I missed that one too – not a good week!!!

Would any of you who went to either of these talks like to post your reflections on your blog or on my blog by 'commenting' to this post? I would be very pleased to hear your views on the talk(S) so please share your experiences with us.

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Reflections on intergrating blogging into design studio

Reflections on moblogging

The student group have just had their Nokia N80s upgraded to N95s and they are considerably happier with the  new handsets.
Here we are reflecting on the benefits of blogging and more importantly mobile blogging.

Next week see the start on a new project brief for the 3rd years. They will be documenting their projects on their blogs.

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