Using Qik to be Quick – or now NOT

This part has been added after the paragraphs below were posted.

I have been banned from using Qik – why? I don't know. I received a text message saying more than one of my videos had breach the Qik terms and conditions (or words to then effect) I have texted back and emailed their support line asking with what…but to no avail, they have not returned an answer. So I wish to inform you that I have now swithced back to FlixWagon as my ban is , apparently, permanent. FlixWagon is a competitor to Qik so they have lot me to a rival.

No read on to see how I was using Qik:

Rather than writing blog posts this last week I have been using Qik to video post (see below left for a link) Using Qik has kept my postings fluid and immediate (once I realised I had to keep the camera reasonabe still when videoing) Qik has proved to be very useful and importantly stable as a platform. I have been posting via my Nokia 5800 to this blog and that too has not posed any problems. The 5800 is a good all round device but the photo quality is not upto the standard I would like. I have become quite 'attached' to the 5800 so trading upto the N97 is going to be interesting – I hope the N97 lives up to my expectations.

I have noticed that here in Spain the N93 is very popular (no N95's to be seen) I have only spotted 2 iphones in use and both these were in Barcelona. Lots of Blackberrys around. My Blackberry crashed and hasn't received emails since the 8th July! the 5800 has been totally reliable.

I am having a few days holiday now so won't be posting much until I am back in NZ.

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