Church of St. Felix, Girona, Spain.


Studio kitchen in Girona

A photo for David. This is what l have been talking to you about. Cabinets such as these are used widely throughout Spain. The water freely drips onto the kitchen surface and evaporates.

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Hand Painted Floor Tiles.

Antique tiled floors in Girona. These particular tiles are in the apartment of one of my Sister in Laws flats in the town of Girona. I have been struck by the number of people who have taken up such tiles in favour of modern, easy to clean ceramic replacements.

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Product and Furniture Mobile Web 2.0 Projects

Based upon three years of mobile learning (mlearning) projects at Unitec, a major implementation project has been developed for integrating the use of mobile web 2.0 tools across a variety of departments and courses in a tertiary education environment. A participatory action research methodology guides and informs the project. The project is based upon an explicit social constuctivist pedagogy, focusing on student collaboration, and the sharing and critique of student-generated content using freely available web 2.0 services.

The integration of mobile web 2.0 into the Bachelor of Product Design and the Bachelor of Design and Visual Arts (Product and Furniture Design) has taken a huge leap forwards this year – the first years have been given Dell Net Books, the second years Nokia 5800 Xpress Music WMD and the third years offered Nokia N95 WMD.
Each year is being given a weekly COP run by a 'technology steward' from Unitec's Centre for Teaching and Learning Innovation ( Te Puna Ako)

Lecturer and student feedback from the Product Design Programmes are available on YouTube:

Check my neighbourhood for links to student and staff blogs and visit the Design Projects Ning site to see how a social networkign site can be used to assist collaborative and cross departmental projects.

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Design Projects NING site up and running

For those of you who finished the Bachelor of Product Design this year well done. Its always gratifying to see students complete their course and exit on a high. Stay in touch and don't hesitate to ask for advice or assistance especially when it come to applying for jobs, higher degrees or starting your own enterprise. I wish you all the best.

On another note – a word about the web 2.0 project we ran with you……..

Thom and I began the blogging project in 2006 and have progressively worked together defining and refining the project. Over the last year we have received funding from Unitec for the purchase of smartphone, fold away bluetooth keyboards and data plans. We have just been awarded a further round of funding to continue the project in 2009.
We are keen to stay in touch with you the students who participated in 08 3rd year product design. Please let us know if the blog you created proves to be useful even after graduating. Please let us know how you are using the blog – if you have created a new one(s) and any other information you think might help us improve the project for 09 students

To make it easy to participate I have set up a forum on NING go to the link below and join the forum.

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Design Council | What we do | Some of our activities | Public services by design

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