Using Qik to be Quick – or now NOT

This part has been added after the paragraphs below were posted.

I have been banned from using Qik – why? I don't know. I received a text message saying more than one of my videos had breach the Qik terms and conditions (or words to then effect) I have texted back and emailed their support line asking with what…but to no avail, they have not returned an answer. So I wish to inform you that I have now swithced back to FlixWagon as my ban is , apparently, permanent. FlixWagon is a competitor to Qik so they have lot me to a rival.

No read on to see how I was using Qik:

Rather than writing blog posts this last week I have been using Qik to video post (see below left for a link) Using Qik has kept my postings fluid and immediate (once I realised I had to keep the camera reasonabe still when videoing) Qik has proved to be very useful and importantly stable as a platform. I have been posting via my Nokia 5800 to this blog and that too has not posed any problems. The 5800 is a good all round device but the photo quality is not upto the standard I would like. I have become quite 'attached' to the 5800 so trading upto the N97 is going to be interesting – I hope the N97 lives up to my expectations.

I have noticed that here in Spain the N93 is very popular (no N95's to be seen) I have only spotted 2 iphones in use and both these were in Barcelona. Lots of Blackberrys around. My Blackberry crashed and hasn't received emails since the 8th July! the 5800 has been totally reliable.

I am having a few days holiday now so won't be posting much until I am back in NZ.

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Product and Furniture Mobile Web 2.0 Projects

Based upon three years of mobile learning (mlearning) projects at Unitec, a major implementation project has been developed for integrating the use of mobile web 2.0 tools across a variety of departments and courses in a tertiary education environment. A participatory action research methodology guides and informs the project. The project is based upon an explicit social constuctivist pedagogy, focusing on student collaboration, and the sharing and critique of student-generated content using freely available web 2.0 services.

The integration of mobile web 2.0 into the Bachelor of Product Design and the Bachelor of Design and Visual Arts (Product and Furniture Design) has taken a huge leap forwards this year – the first years have been given Dell Net Books, the second years Nokia 5800 Xpress Music WMD and the third years offered Nokia N95 WMD.
Each year is being given a weekly COP run by a 'technology steward' from Unitec's Centre for Teaching and Learning Innovation ( Te Puna Ako)

Lecturer and student feedback from the Product Design Programmes are available on YouTube:

Check my neighbourhood for links to student and staff blogs and visit the Design Projects Ning site to see how a social networkign site can be used to assist collaborative and cross departmental projects.

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The 2009 Product Design Mobile Web.2.0 COP will meet again today. All participating 3rd years will be loaned a Nokia N95 and a folding bluetooth keyboard (for easier data entry)

Last years third year students enjoyed the use of N95 and their blogs can be seen by looking into my neighborhood on this blog. Look at GarethDJoblin for 'interesting' examples.

Click here to see the discussion on Mobile Web 2 in the Bachelor of Product Design.

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Reflections on intergrating blogging into design studio

Reflections on moblogging

The student group have just had their Nokia N80s upgraded to N95s and they are considerably happier with the  new handsets.
Here we are reflecting on the benefits of blogging and more importantly mobile blogging.

Next week see the start on a new project brief for the 3rd years. They will be documenting their projects on their blogs.

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A huge thanks to Thom Cochran from the Unitec CTLI (Centre for Teaching and Learning Innovation) who came into studio this morning and ran a session on blogging and mobile blogging.
The staff along with Thom are researching into the effectiveness of mobile blogging and how it might contribute to or enhance teaching and learning. The Bachelor of Product Design is based upon the 'classic' studio teaching model and through our research project we aim to disrupt this model and seek a new model(s) for the programme. Thom is running another research project with the Landscape Architecture Department and both these projects will be contributing to his PhD studies.

Today we gave out Nokia N80's to a 8 selected students. The N80's come with folding bluetooth keyboards to make copy writing that much easier.
All students in the 3rd year are required to blog as part of their final year projects but these 8 will be taking part in the mobile blogging research project. Each client has been encouraged to take part in the blogging process and to interact with the students whenever possible.

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