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I have arranged for my colleague, International designer Jamie Mcllean to come in and kick off a session 'talking design' next Friday at 10.00am in the 3rd year studio.

Jamie is one of the latest furniture and product designers to base himself in Auckland and he is on the hunt for new talent. His practice is expanding and he currently has the need for an intern – this could be one of you!

Jamie will deliver a short talk about his work, describe the opportunity and you will have the chance to ask him questions before you decide whether to apply. This opportunity may be filled by a second or 3rd year and depends upon an interview with Jamie.

Check out his website here – you will see he has worked for some of the top UK practices.

10.00am Friday 27th March – yr3 studio.

About Jamie:

Jamie McLellan was born in Christchurch, New Zealand, 1978. He grew up mainly in Wellington, with stints in Palmerston North and Bandung, Indonesia.
Since graduating in 1999 with a BDes in Industrial Design from Massey University, Jamie has designed for manufacturers and consultancies in Australasia, the United Kingdom, Continental Europe, Asia and America.
Most recently Jamie was employed as Senior Designer to well known Briton, Tom Dixon.
Jamie’s work often finds him in slightly obscure locations such as the back streets of Jaipur, India and Ghanzhou, China. When he is not travelling as a designer, he will be following his passion for windsurfing and sailing to places such as Tariffa, Maui and Lake Garda.
Having recently returned to Auckland, New Zealand, Jamie is in the process of setting up his own product design studio working on projects ranging from furniture and lighting, to sports goods, to small scale civic architecture.

Jamie’s approach to design is one of integrity and understated sophistication.
As a New Zealander, Jamie grew up with design as a process of problem solving through innovation.
His experiences working abroad now allow him to package this pragmatic New Zealand approach to a level that is world class, without falling victim to fashion and trends.
Jamie is as excited by technology and futurism, as he is by sculpture and aesthetics.
He thrives on diversity and as a result has turned his hand to a large range of design briefs and manufacturing techniques – high end furniture and lighting products, injection moulded consumer goods, hand fabricated aluminium vehicles, traditional and mass manufactured wood work, welding, sewn products both hi-tech and low-tech, collaborations with artisans in India, marine design and design for public spaces, to name a few.

Jamie is currently working on a range of projects including a lighting & furniture commission for a Japanese ski hotel, a furniture collection for a large local manufacturer, sports equipment & accessories for Neil Pryde in Hong Kong, a super high end kayak, some furniture for a show in Venice, coffins, potentially some lighting for a gallery in Paris, a project for Lion Nathan, and lots more..

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Product design internship with UNStudio

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