Flat Chair

Sara Fisher Paculdo who has a BS Physics from Standford and a MFA Industrial Design from the Academy of Art University has designed the 'Flat Chair'. You can see her design sketches on her webpage. The design solution shown is less than convincing as a piece of furniture, none the less, the design should be of interest to the 1st years working on the cardboard stool project. On the other hand, Sara's 'Go Mug' is just lovely.

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More Cardboard Furniture

The Elia website says: "Elia is all about making fun a hands-on experience. Elia products are a blast to put together and decorate, but that's not all. They are great teaching tools that show how simple, natural materials can be put together to create amazingly strong, useful things. Of course, they inspire creativity! And because they are 100 percent recyclable, you can always make fun in good conscience:

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