Results – 2014 Design for Health – Health Hackathon

Yesterday at the Design 4 Health/Business Innovation Network Hackathon, I was in a group of inter-professional’s + students + 2 potential users – We had an excellent session . The object was to hack existing healthcare products to either improve them or to find new ways of levering off those products to introduce new products and or services. I was in a great team which made use of the variety of backgrounds the group represented – we were particularly lucky to have 2 potential users in the group both with different requirements from a ‘new’ product and their input was invaluable – Today a crowd funding workshop.

10252163_10204894634543967_1147931464616051591_n 10384050_10204894635423989_4341944650773004593_n 10459110_10204894634023954_7737834387344523449_n 10676278_10204894633783948_9199665331640131906_n 10734220_10204894635743997_2533673002240019573_n


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