Mastering Collaborative Innovation through Events


(A special thanks to Catarina Mota, Marcin Jakuboski and Federico Feroldi for the conversations that led  to this post)

I have been often surprised by the extent of incredible results that genuinely collaborativeprojects and contexts, whose real goal is to create shared value.

Short time, well facilitated, cooperation efforts, often linked to specific live events (during which a community gathers around one ore more challenges, or a topics) can be an extraordinary experience and deliver outstanding results.

The adoption of well-tested methodologies summed up with a natural inclination of people to meet and share plus the huge amount of learning that this kind of events can trigger make so made contexts the ideal tool to generate multiplier effects and produce much more value than the necessary investments would recall.

That’s why in many contexts, ranging from social to corporate innovation, from product design to business modelling  short-term cooperative events are…

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