Maker Libraries to launch in South Africa | British Council

Maker Libraries to launch in South Africa | British Council.

The British Council today announced that a special edition of Maker Libraries will go on display at GUILD 2014 in South Africa on 28 February, marking the launch of Cape Town as 2014 World Design Capital. Commissioned by the British Council, conceived by Daniel Charny, and developed with creative projects consultancy From Now On, the project will launch in South Africa as part of the British Council’s Connect ZA programme. It aims to create a dialogue between makers in the UK and South Africa.

The Maker Library Network (MLN) will establish spaces for collaboration and connection, exploring the role of the library as a fundamental space for the exchange of knowledge and ideas. It marks the beginning of the development of the Maker Libraries and their potential to expand as a global network, connecting makers around the world. A central aim of the MLN is build a powerful resource through a diverse collection of both small and large libraries, from bookshelves in community centres to fully fledged, globally recognized making spaces. Reflecting this democratic ideal, an open call will be announced by Thomas Heatherwick and Daniel Charny at Indaba Expo on 28 February for spaces in South Africa to join the MLN in 2014.

(text from British Council website)


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