New Webiste for Research at Sheffield Hallam University


The Art and Design Research Centre (ADRC) is one of Britain’s leading centres for research in the creative disciplines of Fine Art, Design and Media Production. Our artists, designers and film makers are at the forefront of practice-led research, through pioneering work in health care research, critically acclaimed independent film and public artworks.

We have pioneered new thinking in how we can apply the expertise and experience of artists and designers to the creation of knowledge, striking a balance between developing the theory that drives our academic disciplines and making practical contributions to our economic and cultural life.

Our work includes the creation of new methods and techniques for research and practice, products and artworks that change our understanding or create new knowledge, multi-disciplinary research with partners in a variety of disciplines and developing methods for transmitting ideas, skills and knowledge. We are committed to building a research-led academic community through our support for postgraduate studies at both Doctoral and Master’s levels.

The ADRC is also home to Design Futures, a discrete unit within C3RI delivering packaging and product design research to industry. Design futures has a proven track record as innovators being cited as inventors or contributors to a portfolio of intellectual property, it has accrued a number of design awards.

You can view my page here



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