I bought a copy of 'Objectified' just before Christmas 09. Objectified is a 75 minute long documentary about mans relationship with objects. The video features Jonathan Ive, The Bouroullec Brothers, Tim Brown, Dieter Rams, Marc News and many others.
In general the video is entertaining and in places quite informative but after viewing I was left with a very unsatisfied feeling that made me want to search from something much more interesting, informative and dare I say it – meaningful. I guess I felt like I had just had a burger in Mackers!
In my quest for something more wholesome and nourishing I found 'A History of the World in 100 Objects' a BBC radio series of 15-20 minute programmers that focuses on object drawn from the British Museum in London. These are great little programs that leave you feeling inspired and excited about the objects that, in the rights hands, can tell us about the development of the human race. After listening to the 5 that have been aired already I feel that Objectified is even worse that I thought it was when I first saw it – See what you think.

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