Press Release From Opco: Access to your own design manufacturer.

I have been contacted by Paul at Opco who are looking to help designers get ideas into production, anywhere in New Zealand.
Paul has asked his contacts to get the word out,

Paul Dykes
Newsaplenty Ltd
021 020 70912

Access to your own design manufacturer

The manufacturing experts behind top products from Design Mobel and Formway are taking their skills nationwide, offering their services to designers throughout New Zealand.

Having created so many products themselves from concept design through to retail, the skilled craftspeople at Opco know how hard it can be for designers to get dreams to fruition.

Colin Campbell, chief executive at the Tauranga-based manufacturer, says a lot of good designs never get to be produced because the designers don’t know where to turn to for help and collaboration.

“Designers are notorious for letting great ideas lapse because they haven’t got the time, resources or knowledge to push them through. That’s what we offer – we can come on board and manage the project from the concept stage, taking it through to manufacture when it’s ready to roll.

“The way we have set up our manufacturing facilities here, we can handle a one-off through to a 5000 run. We love being involved in prototype development – working out the logistics of how something can be made, and suggesting the tweaks that can produce big cost savings without compromising the integrity of the design.”

Opco’s client list includes Design Mobel, Formway Furniture, Essenze, Return to Sender and Coast New Zealand (see

Colin has a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration from Victoria University and is a former general manager at Formway. He was CEO at Gartshore Group when the opportunity arose to buy into Opco and take it into full-on contract manufacturing.

“We look to provide turnkey solutions to make it easier for designers. We can source the materials and components, help fine-tune the design, handle the manufacture and offer advice on sales and export market development.

”We have proven we have these wide skills through our Design Mobel pedigree, and we know how to make award-winning, cost-effective products.”

Opco can even reverse engineer products from the target sales price back through manufacturing to ensure that the costs stack up.

"What’s more, we operate an ‘open book’ policy. We show our clients our margins and costs up front. It’s all fully transparent.

“While we are extremely flexible and innovative, there’s just one thing we won’t negotiate on – sustainability,” stresses Colin.

“Sustainable integrity is ingrained into every aspect of our company and we continually strive for improvements. This sets us apart from others suppliers and provides our clients with peace of mind and a clear conscience when they work in partnership with Opco.”

For more than 20 years Opco has focused on efficient New Zealand-based manufacture, continually investing in the latest plant and technologies. It has expertise in using sustainable exotic timbers, veneer and composite boards, plywood and EO-MDF, upholstery products, metal components, high-pressure laminates, granites and plastics.

Successful product lines made on contract include indoor and outdoor furniture, commercial and hotel furniture and a wide range of accessories and home wares.

“At Opco we guarantee on time, to spec, cost-competitive products and services that can help designers shape their future.”


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