I was in a taxi with Peter Haythornthwaite last week when he noticed a DIY solution the drive has come up wit…

The driver had bought a plastic tool box that fitted perfectly between the two front seats of his Toyota bus and which held his everyday needs: the compartments on the top had change and receipts in, a pen or two and various other consumables. The lower part? who knows, maybe his sandwiches, thermos and newspaper. The converted tool box could be easily removed when on a break or arriving home and the device would probably serve as a distraction to anyone wanting to make off with his hard earned cash.

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4 thoughts on “DIY

  1. that reminds me of a diploma project we had last year. It was in cooperation with Volkswagen and she designed some sort of "car integrable" handbag. It was pretty much located the same as the toolbox, little more in the front. Quite cool, but more or less adressed to the women's needs (or the Taxidriver's). Nice photo. >> maybe there are just tools in it.

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