The Godfather Dies

Les Paul aged 94 has died in New York. Les is affectionately known as the 'godfather of the electric guitar' – Why? because in the 1950's he redesigned the electric guitar by turning from a hollow bodied it into a solid bodied bodied guitar.
Les used a piece of a train track to fashion his second prototype – the first was made from a hollow bodied guitar stuffed with socks and rags to muffle the sound. To his credit Les also created the first multi-track recorder and made recording in his garage. These to innovations changed the way music was made and how guitars sounded.

The Les Paul Gibson Guitar was introduced in 1952 and changed the face of rock music instantly. For those of you who know the Les Paul, you will know that since 52 the guitar has been a popular favourite and still probably the best selling electric guitar over it's arch rival he Leo Fender designed 'Stratocaster'.

Today the music industry will mourn Les Paul's death and musicians around the world will miss one it its most important innovators in the post war music scene.

Les Paul and Mary Ford

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