After thought

In a Auckland foodcourt I found these chairs. The bar across the back looks like a grab handle or a coat hanger – but it isn't – its a retro fitted brace that stops the flimsy under engineered plastic shell from doubling over backwards and ejecting the sitter in the process.
Why has such a basic design requirement – safety and fitness for purpose – been ignored? COST is probably the answer. In order to reduce the chairs price the manufacturer has almost certainly reduced the amount of plastic injected into the shell (plastic costs are significant and this shell is paper thin) The cost they saved has probably been lost on manufacturing and retro fitting the bar across the back, but then again this was probably done by the food court owner in order to utilse the chairs ordered.

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2 thoughts on “After thought

  1. Soon to be found (like Unitec's) in a skip. Dollar cost vs. Carbon Cost. Short term gain vs. long-term good.

    Enjoy the holiday,


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