R.I.P. – Rest in Pieces

Whilst walking around the Unitec campus I came across a bin with 3 broken plastic shelled, chrome plated steel framed chairs in. The obvious thoughts that come to mind are revulsion at the waste, the lack of thought to recycling and the wonder how they got to be in this state in the first place.

On closer inspection I see that 2 of the chairs are cheap copies of a chair called Gorka, designed by Argentinian 'legend' Jorge Pensi manufactured by Akaba of Spain.

The Gorka chair is made from high pressure die cast aluminium and injection moulded ploymide P6. The chair is now a 'classic' in the commercial furniture design world. Akaba offer the  distribution of high-quality design. They look for utmost originality, functionality and timeless aesthetics independent of fashionable trends. Both Pensi and Akaba understand that:

True quality stands the test of time

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