Why design and use a bike trailer

Efficient A bicycle trailer is more efficient than rucksack or panniers. Trailer s isolate your bike from the load so you don't waste energy wiggling the load.

Safe A bicycle towing a bicycle trailer handle normally. It corners predictably, and remains maneuverable.

Practical Bicycle trailer s are easier to live with. They're easy to pack, convenient to hitch, and light to walk with. Our trailer s also flatten easily for storage.

No damage to your bike Carrying heavy loads in bicycle panniers or monowheel trailer s needs a strong bike with strong wheels and frame. Two wheel bicycle trailer s are rotationally isolated from your bike, so even suspended or lightweight bikes don't suffer.

Huge capacity Our bicycle trailer s will carry up to 300Litres/90kg of luggage on a normal bike. You will hardly ever carry this much, but you could do a week's shopping for a family of four in one trip.

Cycling "feels" normal A two wheel bicycle trailer lets your bike handle normally, even if carrying a lot. It corners normally. It's as maneuverable as normal, and it simply feels normal when cycling. However it takes longer to brake and accelerate, and hills seem steeper (going down as well as up).

Another choice A bike/trailer combination is a good addition to your car and public transport, offering another way to carry. But bicycle trailer s and bikes can also piggyback on cars and trains.

Check out Carry Freedom

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