Cardboard Furniture

Shigeru Ban's cardboard furniture is just one of the outputs from this prolific architect

ban first began experimenting with alternative materials in 1986, when he used paper, instead of wood, to build his alvar aalto exhibition display. he wanted to create a space that suggested the master's building techniques but the budget did not allow the use of wood. he was surprised at the strength of the paper and later on he began to use paper tubes also on building structures. in his projects, the traditional japanese house made of bamboo returns transformed by cardboard tubes. ban discussed several of these paper projects and installations, including the inexpensive and durable housing units for the victims of earthquakes in kobe, japan in 1995. (Design Boom)

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4 thoughts on “Cardboard Furniture

  1. The top top architects maybe, the 'signature architects, but I general,
    I don't agree, rather architecture is more often than not rooted in the
    traditional or the conventional use of materials. Just look around
    yourself. I agree waste is a waste and not a way forward.

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