Alessi – Managing Innovation

You  might find this article  about Alessi interesting. Alberto Alessi, head of his family’s iconic design factory, talks about how to sustain innovation over decades—and why companies should take more risk. Alberto Alessi is the third generation to lead his family’s iconic design firm. Founded and still based in Crusinallo, about an hour north of Milan, Italy, the firm remains privately owned. In Alessi’s view, both the ownership structure and the location of his company have imbued it with a strong tradition of artisanship—and given its designers the freedom to create as they see fit.


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6 thoughts on “Alessi – Managing Innovation

  1. Alberto Alessi is described as the
    ‘manufacturing maestro’ and the ‘godfather’ of Italian product design. Not all of his design creations have proved to be winners, even high profile ones. Unsuccessful collaboration with Philippe Starck's Hot Bertaa kettle. As elegant and minimalist in design, it was too complicated to operate for a kettle. "You shouldn't need an
    instruction manual to use a kettle," Alessi said. Something i believe we must adopt when thinking of a new design, however failure too is an integral part in innovation. as alessi said "Only by taking risks and experimenting, is great design possible". check out his conversation on this link. .Alessi Interview

  2. Personally there are very few of the Alessi pieces that 'work' for me. The heavy handed signature prices are like jokes: they quickly wear thin. Hot Bertaa? well that was just plain stupid.

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