The 2009 Product Design Mobile Web.2.0 COP will meet again today. All participating 3rd years will be loaned a Nokia N95 and a folding bluetooth keyboard (for easier data entry)

Last years third year students enjoyed the use of N95 and their blogs can be seen by looking into my neighborhood on this blog. Look at GarethDJoblin for 'interesting' examples.

Click here to see the discussion on Mobile Web 2 in the Bachelor of Product Design.

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9 thoughts on “COP

  1. Glad I wont have to be buying CD-R's for the car till the end of semester ;)Time to spend the cource related costs on some more mini sd cards eh 🙂

  2. i gained at least 10mins this morning, not having to get out my laptop, wait for it to load up then mess around with passwords! You gotta get on to this n95 buzz

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