Parker Tables

Per Dahlgren left the Bachelor of Product Design 3 years ago, then worked in the Unitec Generator and then joined furniture company IMO.
I visited he and Sam there a few months ago and Per was working on a new range of tables – The Parker tables are now in the market place and they look fantastic – well done IMO – more of this please.

About Imo:

Established in January 2004, IMO is a design-led business that provides a collection of furniture and systems for Commercial and Residential environments. IMO is committed to creating timeless, versatile products that endure changes in tastes and trends.

We see design as a process that integrates user-centred research, knowledge of materials, rigorous attention to detail, manufacturing technologies and experimentation. We subscribe to the 'Against Throwawayism' philosophy, to help people live better by providing well designed and constructed products that will last a lifetime and can change as their needs change.

To ensure our Customers keep their furniture and systems for life, we continually strive to improve our products. By involving Users in the design process and working closely with Suppliers, we repeatedly refine the quality and specifications, ensuring that functionality, appearance and assembly are improved as much as possible.

We have a range of standard products which includes work systems, storage, seating, upholstery and tables, and also collaborate with architects and designers when custom solutions are required. As well as locally designed product, we also carry the product of Danish Designer Paul Leroy.

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