Design and Money

In studio today we talked about the business end of design, more to the point how to make some  money from being a designer. There are many ways and we discussed a few, and we will continue to discuss this over the the coming weeks. I have organised some self-employment  training for designers for the year and this will take place in April.

In a meeting some years ago Rodney Fitch said:

lets be clear – you don't make money out of being a designer, you make money out of design. I was both affronted and in disbelief, here was a man who had made a fortune out of being a designer – or had he?

Over the years I have come to believe that designing the product is (maybe) 25% of the overall battle the rest is made up of a host of other factor entrenched in marketing, reputation, distribution etc – things out side of the control of many designers. So Rodney was right – look at Apple, look at Nike, Vitra, Magis, Nokia, IKEA (and many others) ask yourself, how many of the product designers name you know – okay Apple and Vitra maybe but the others?

So whats the message? how are you going to make money out of your design talents? – making and selling them yourselves or by working for a design studio and taking a salary?

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3 thoughts on “Design and Money

  1. Hi Glenn, er that depends on how you do it I guess! it could be an elegant solution. Seriously, the bathroom cabinet needs to be taken to the next level – I hope Goode are interested to do that.

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