PDR – The National Centre for Product Design & Development Research

PDR (UWIC) University of Wales in Cardiff provide us with an excellent model for research and development in the field of product design. The Centre's team is made up of senior and junior designers researchers, research assistance and research students. The focus of the team is on 'research which reflects the strategic importance of the creative application of design and the design process in the devlopment of new products, systems and methodolgies'. A recentt document I received from the PDR states their research mission as being:

'twofold; firstly, the devlopment, adaption and realisation of new knowlegde, technologies and systems which support and facilitate creativity within the design process, and secondly, the creative application of such knowledge and technology in the design and developmetn of new products capable of enhancing the well-being of both individual users and the economy as a whole'

Check out their website for more information.

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