DINZ National Design Conference Day – Sustainability and Imminent Change

DINZ National Design Conference Day – Sustainability and Imminent Change

Friday, 10th October 2008, Auckland War Memorial Museum (new southern end)

Twelve months ago the Designers Institute of New Zealand held its first ever National Conference Day. The title was The Business of Sustainable Design. The aim was to inform and educate designers to enable them to start designing around sustainable issues.

In 12 short months the conversation around sustainability has exploded both locally and globally – to such an extent that it is now part of the mainstream. As designers continue to drive change, greater skills are needed in anticipating the rapid shift in public behaviour towards more sustainable forms of consumption.

So the question now is – can designers keep up with consumers?

This year’s conference which is followed by the BeST Design Awards is titled Sustainability and Imminent Change. Not only will the conference include outstanding design practitioners, but also experts in marketing who can offer vital insights into the decision making of clients and consumers.

And what’s a good conference without a dollop of mustard?

Design is totally dependent on marketing, and vice versa. Until recently, marketing as it developed in the 20th century had a major influence on consumer behaviour.

Not any more.

Because of the rapid rate of change in technology and a radical shift in information accessibility, consumers are taking more control of their purchasing decisions. They are demanding more transparency and accountability from products and services and are becoming more hands-on in their choice of which supplier they trust.

To help us get a better picture of the new marketing landscape the conference will include a keynote address broadcast live from London by an international expert on consumer behaviour and sustainable marketing – John Grant. The day’s programme will follow with insights from marketing and advertising experts and design practitioners who service the industry spectrum from giants like Coca Cola to boutique home-grown brands like Ecostore, and architects who offer parallels in spatial design such as the use of bio-mimicry in the building of eco cities in China. Also speaking is an international award winning expert on carbon trading.

Breakout sessions and workshops will focus on graphic, spatial and product for sustainable and environmental design. The conference will conclude with a questions and summary session presented by Nick Jones and Dave Brown followed by a closing address given by Prime Minister Helen Clark.

The Sustainability and Imminent Change conference will be held from 8.30am – 4.30pm, with the BeST Design Awards held from 6.30pm.

7.45am Registrations open
Network over coffee & muffins
8.30am Opening of the DINZ National Design Conference 2008 – Sustainability and Imminent Change
MC Nick Jones
Welcome from the Auckland War Memorial Museum – Tim Walker
DINZ President Leanne Beard FDINZ
Dave Brown – Purpose of the Day
8.45am OPENING ADDRESS FROM THE UK John Grant – Ethical Velocity: the speed of change in consumer behaviour. A live video conference with John Grant.
Nick Jones – Sustainable Business Practice in the Design Industry
Peter Salmon – Designing Sustainable Futures
KEYNOTE ADDRESS Dave Walden, CEO TBWA Whybin, President CAANZ – Green Without Guilt
Jane Peterson and Melissa Munro – Off Set The Rest: living carbon neutral
12.20pm Lunch – sustenance provided
Launch of the Sustainable Design Working Group
Christopher Metcalfe – The 'S' Word
Murray Streets – Consumption Meets Conscience: how sustainable is sustainability for the barons of the long lunch?
Mike Pratt – Sustainable Enterprise Design
2.30pm Afternoon tea and Kohu Road ice cream
2.45pm Breakout Groups – How I Choose, Where I Live, Products I Choose,
Questions and Summary
4.30pm Close
6.30pm BeST Design Awards 2008 Ceremony and afer-party at Aotea Centre

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