1:1 Model Making

When designing large scale products like furniture, baths, washing machines and cars model making can become difficult, especially when there is the need to make relatively quick and 'cheap' models that can easily and rapidly be changed. Making models when designing is a vital aspect of the design and development process. It has been said that if a picture is worth 1000 words then a model is worth 1000 pictures!

Here we see final year Unitec Product Design Student Andy Chang roughing out his ideas for his bath design – he is essentially sketching in 3D. By utilizing 'chicken' wire mesh he can create sculptural surfaces that can be manipulated by hand and re-manipulated to test out ideas, dimensions and aesthetics. The next stage will be to cover the model is paper or fabric to show a 'solid' surface and see how the visual volume looks and feels within a domestic interior.

CAD modeling will be employed to look at liquid volume, colours, angles and mould making posibilities.

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