Innovating – how to encourage and nurture the slippery side.

How do you encourage and support innovation? There is much written about this subject and it is evident that innovation and creativity are now buzz words in corporations around the globe. But innovation and creativity don't just happen, they need to be encouraged and nurtured. One way assist the innovation process is to create  opportunities for  it to happen – you need to take the initiative before something can happen. In a recent article Ed Bernacki  mentions Nobel Prize-winning author Ernest Hemingway:

' (When) Ernest Hemingway started work on a book, he did not wait for divine inspiration – he started writing every day at 11.00am. His goal was 1,000 words per day regardless of the time it took. He built a special pedestal as he preferred to stand when writing. Interestingly, he stopped writing in the middle of the last sentence. He found it easier to continue the next day by starting in the middle of the last sentence'  Bernacki goes on to say:

' Artists create the opportunity to create; they don't wait for inspiration. They act. Businesses must also act'

So as design students what do you do to get inspiration each day, how do you retain your self motivation to work when the going gets tough? Here are a few ideas:

1) create an inspirational space to work in – decorate and construct props int he studio – have a fun and enjoy being 'at work'
2) create a relaxation space in the studio where you can collaborate 'in your own time'
3) respect each others space and and allow people to concentrate when need be (contrary to popular belief loud music doesn't help everyone)
4) make the space safe – this is tied to 3 above as safety here means respecting others and their property
5) invite guests professionals into your studio and ask for their opinion

The overall goal is to help spark the creative process – jump start you creative juices by constructing a space that invites collaboration, concentration, serious play and delight.

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