The working method is as interesting as the work

I saw this link today and found it fascinating.,,2264468,00.html

This simple device is not only fun and effective to use but it takes us closer to the life of the artist. and why is that interesting to me? because I believe that the process and the person are as important as the product. How many times have you bought a painting or a product from somebody because you clicked with them as a person (or a company) rather than for the actual piece itself? I have, and it strikes me many people do because the story about and the connection with the creator and their creative process can be fascinating.
This insight become more compelling as you start to question the ethical stance adopted by the maker or manufacturer. Who really wants to buy a product from a company who manufactures in an unethical manner? This question was raised in a recent conversation in Design projects 3 and there was discussion over the need for stronger legislation with regarding to labeling in New Zealand. Too many manufacturers fail to declare what is in their product, where it is made and how to recycle it. Don't we have the right to know what we are buying?

Keeping customers up to date and interested in a companies beliefs and working processes is very important. New Zealand companies have the opportunity to shift into true ethical and sustainable design and manufacture before its too late. After all isn't that what NZ trades upon – a clean, green pure image? Check out the NZ pure video in my Library.

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