Client visits

This week has seen 2 of the 3 teams have their initial meeting and briefing at their clients facilities. Tuesday saw the 6 students working with Design Mobel make a one day/one night trip down to Design Mobel's HQ in Tauranga. The day was taken up by an initial meet and greet, a visit to Eco Wood (a Design Mobel timber processing plant), a tour around the DM manufacturing facilities and a presentation from Design Manager Campbell Yule on Design Mobel Okooko. The evening was spent discussing design, sustainability, ethics in design and numerous other subjects over dinner.
Wednesday morning it was the SCION teams turn. A 9.30 meeting in Rotarua meant an early start down from Auckland. A presentation by SCION along with a tour of their facilities was capped off with a walk in the neighboring redwood forest.

What has transpired from these 2 meetings is one strong theme – sustainability. So far this has been passed to the students through presentations based upon just what it means to use sustainable materials, design and manufacture  and overarching all this, how to be a  company that can sustain itself from working on one or more of these areas. Whereas this is by no means a new debate or serise of questions it might well be the first time the students have been asked this by companies rather than by their academic staff.

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