DesignProjects3 – Fri Feb 29 22:32:35 2008

This semester will see Design Projects 3 working on projects in conjunction with 3 external clients (see the above links for Design Mobel, SCION and Queensberry). In many ways it irrelevant which of the 3 clients the student is working with (each client has been approached because they believe in the the power of design), what is important is how they work with their client and how they approach the project. This project has been developed to introduce students to the art of managing client relationships as well as enhancing the skills necessary to define and surpass client expectations.
The NPD brief demands that the students innovate rather than tweak and to this end their powers of observation and questioning will need to be working well when they visit the clients for the first time next week. Students will need to take a camera, recording equipment, logbooks etc and make detailed and precise answers to prepared questions.The visits have been specially arranged to give the students the best start to the project possible. They must do their  homework and find out everything they can about their client where they are and where they (might) be going. They must check out the current global trends that might influence their client and its business over the next 12 months, looking into their competitors both in New Zealand and abroad.
Click on the links to the client organisations.

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