Design Projects Who and Why..

Design Projects 3 is in its third year. What is Design Projects 3 and who are we?

Design Projects 3 is the name we have given to the third and final year of study on the Product Design Programme at Unitec New Zealand. This Programme celebrates diversity encouraging its students to develop their own personal identities and resist being labelled or bound together by one over riding house style. We believe that in a world overloaded with products, designers must be encouraged to challenge the status quo rather than resort to ‘re-bezelling’ or producing variations of existing product types.

Throughout the Product Design Programme we expect our students to challenge existing typologies and address ecological and ethical issues through their design projects. This approach is manifested in the diversity of projects proposed by the designers – projects that often reside in opposite camps but which are bound together by the inquiring nature of the designers.

Product Design at Unitec pushes past the modernist mantra of “form follows function” and into the realms of
meaning, experience and function. Working in this way can mean that design proposal are not always immediately recognisable, marketable or understandable. We believe that it would be a grave mistake for industry to dismiss new typologies as illogical or irrational; rather the challenge is for manufacturers to work with designers to find ways to
develop meaningful relationship and new product offerings.

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